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ScoreDomain marketplace is a melting point for domain exchanges. It is a connecting platform where domain name sellers and buyers can interact directly, negotiate favourable terms, and transfer ownership of domains.



Sell Your Expired Domain Names at the Best Rates

If you are looking for a reliable, secure, and fast sale of your domain name, ScoreDomain is the place for you. We are always looking to buy expired domain names. At the end of most internet-based campaigns, domain names are often the last piece to go. If you've decided to let it go to focus on something new, there is no reason for you to wait months or even years to find a buyer for your domain name. That is prolonging the end of an old chapter. When you no longer need a domain name, we are ready to pick up your dropped domain and find a new, enthusiastic user for it. While ensuring you close that chapter quickly and profitably.

Thats not all, we also provide...

Intimate and Reliable Customer Support

We are a small team, and as such it does not benefit us to waste time in our transactions. We deal with sellers directly and wrap up business quickly using reliable links. Therefore you get one-on-one interactions with us throughout the domain selling and transfer process. With 24/7 support that is always excited to help you out. With us, you are not just a number on a list, with your domain name sitting idly in a sea of others. We understand the demand for expired domain names and are happy to serve as the link between you and those who appreciate its value.

Secure Domain Transfer

The domain selling business can be risky. Let's face it, it's difficult to trust a random person on the internet with your assets. We take on all the risks and more. For one, our brand's name is on the line. Two, we bear the brunt of the results of the domain name taking longer to sell. But when the question is about trust. It's important to sort it out the best way possible… to remove the need for trust in the first place. That is allowing a reliable third party to handle all the intricacies of the transaction. We have built a solid transaction network using to ensure that there is no danger of you losing your domain names and assets. Transacting this way guarantees that your payment will be delivered. And under the agreed terms. 

Low and Consistent Fee

You get to choose the worth of your domain name and ask for the price you deserve. We charge a fixed 12% commission for every sale. Our rate does not fluctuate on a whim. You can easily calculate how much we charge on every domain you bring to us. We don't overwhelm you with a multitude of selling options. We buy what you have to sell, at a low, reliable, and consistent fee.

So what are you waiting for?

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