Serpstat Review

May 21, 2022

Serpstat is an online platform or search engine optimization software. Its keyword research and functionality displays information about advertising campaign solutions and budget of its competitor’s analysis depending on their performance.

The advertising tool allows the administrators to analyze advertising solutions, sort keywords by version and domain.Additionally, you can see customize campaigns through customer geographies. The commission, in this case, will depend on factors such as; cost per click (CPC), search volume, level of competition, and more.

Thus, if you’re looking forward to seeing your competitor’s advertising campaign solutions, and analyze their performance, then Serpstat is what you are looking for. This is one of the powerful tool you can embrace in your business to outweigh your competitors.

With Serpstat, the business can make tracks, analyze data on the performance of other websites according to search engines and organize data. Users can use it to get information about keyword research, API services, audit, market intelligence, rank tracking, content market creation, advertising analysis, and search analytics.

Over 250,000 people globally use Serpstat to improve their online research performance. If you want to improve your marketing techniques, this site gives you a chance to have an insight and overview of competitors online.

You can check and emulate the tactics they are using for them to remain outstanding and generate revenues. And so, if you’re wondering what is Serpstat, the features this tool comes with and its benefits, you are at the right place. Therefore, this articlecovers some of the fundamental you’ll want to know about Serpstat.

Let’s dive in;

• What is Serpstat?

• Serpstat SEO tools and techniques

• Serpstat features and their uses

• Reasons why to choose Serpstat over the other competitors

• Serpstat and other competitors.

What is Serpstat?

Serpstat is deemed as a complete SEO tools that covers some of the major search engine optimization matters. Some of the SEO matters this tool covers include backlink analysis, keyword and competitors analysis.

Additionally, a site audit and keyword research tools are also included and are very helpful tools in this software. The site audit in this software helps you to examine what’s wrong with your website.

Apart from that, the keyword research functionality is fast and you can get lots of keywords to use in your content creation.

Over 60 companies use Serpstat in marketing their businesses. Most of these companies relate to Information Technology and services and are primarily located in the US. Digital markets and influencers also use Serpstat to market online to accomplish their goals in marketing and sales. Through this site, they try to make high traffic to be ranked high, and this way, they can produce increased revenues.

Is Serpstat free?

Most of these tools have a paid option that enables you to access more premium features effective for your SEO campaigns.Therefore, Serpstat provides two pricing plans you can embrace for your SEO plan.

And so, the two pricing plan you can subscribe include Personal and a Business plan. Thus, these plans come with other sub-plan in them. The personal plan has 4 offers which include Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, and Plan D.

The estimated price for these plans ranges from $15.2 to $239.20 per month when paid yearly.

Serpstat SEO Tools and Techniques

Search engine optimization is fantastic software that many people have resorted to help them in data collection, knowing about a particular website's overall health, its success, alerts being displayed, link building, checks on ranks, and the growth opportunities experienced. Above all, the SEO tool visualizes the SEO strategy and performance.

The best SEO tool highlights data reports on sites' weaknesses, and strengths ad shows potential areas. Tools to consider in this context are; keyword research tools, on-page SEO tools, technical tools, link building tools, analytical tools, rank checking tools, local SEO tools, and more. Let’s analyze them for more understanding.

Keyword research tool

If you're interested in your business's profitable niche and profit margin, then keyword research is first to consider. These tools help find out the queries used by online surfers to find the relevant offering. You can use the same to drive targeted trafficto your webpage by using the most efficient keywords. Serpstatprovides the largest database of keywords for Yandex and Google; the two sites offer over 6 billion keywords.

Some of the popular professionals such as Brian Dean, the founder of Backlinko, and Neil Patel, a digital market influencer, support and advocate for the Serpstat keyword research tool, both glorified the platform that it has enabled them to get excellent keywords to link in their businesses, hence recommending digital markets to research and use the available keywords if they haven’t done that.

If you have doubt about it or don’t know how to go about it,then request a personal demonstration for assistance.

Google trends

It contains specific keyword phrases commonly used in a particular period. When the period elapses, then these words become irrelevant. The tool displays a graphic wax of the researched terms for a specified period. The keyword is also interested in a region containing the most researched vital words.


If you’re not sure about a specific topic that you want to research, then Keyworddit is the best tool to use in a scenario. Why are we saying so? This is because the device uses Reddit's power to find and coordinate keywords based on what is being posted by people on various platforms. These tools direct people to platforms where posts are made in simpler terms.

It then dissects those posts to come up with a specific list of keywords, and later the keywords identified are used to come up with various topics. Use phrases or new topics found to generate blog posts and educative articles. This is one of the best tools for comprehensive marketing and content creation.

Google autocomplete

It's the best solution when you want to research, but you're running out of time. You need to open a new browser and start typing the keywords you want in the search section. The auto research will pick up the completion of a word you're looking for even before you finish ordering.

You can use it to find what is being researched by people and particular phrases they are tagging in their questions; even though it's a more straightforward basic process, it's the best method to add to your keyword search list when in a hurry.

Google keyword planner

It gives an easy-to-use keyword option if you are looking for accuracy. It's the first accurate keyword research tool to be considered in the case where people you want to know what people are strictly looking for on google and the exact data. Theagency provides a clean and straightforward layout to enable learning and keyword research.

SEMrush keyword magic tool

It's similar to SEO reporting. It's a robust tool that gives an insight into a digital marketing strategy that is excelling. The designers of this tool offer a friendly budget solution called the keyword magic tool.

There are over a million keywords provided on this platform; click, and you will see them. You can use them to analyze the score of your competitors and try using the same on your site.

Serpstat Features and Their Uses

In this context, let’s now analyze features attributing to Serpstat and how these features have the upper hand in your search efforts. Some features will have images of the product for a clear understanding of their design and architecture.

Rank tracker

It measures the SEO effort and success. With this tool, you can monitor the most valuable organic search keywords and track your website to verify its visibility as to other competitors. Serpstat is the most fantastic tool in comparison to its competitors; with it, you can make a track of up to 15000 keywords at the cost of 69$ every month.

SEMrush can only track 500 keywords. Besides the mentioned benefits, Serpstat allows the user to refresh its data daily, monitor the ranks, and use geographical locations for specified track ranks.

If you are trying to do track ranking and have no idea how to do it, then below is a quick guide. On the dashboard of the webpage, click on the rank tracker, then project overview. At this point, fill in your project settings. Input your domain, track frequency, keywords, and locations or regions.

Site audit tool

The site audit feature helps improve the search's visibility, which is achieved by detecting and fixing technical search details. It forecasts for more excellent user experience and allows the users to enhance their chances of appearing in top search results.

The site audit can also showcase technical errors that hinder ranking; these errors include linking to a redirected site, lack of HTTPS, schema markup, lack of Meta tag implication, and missing title descriptions.

It also indicates the loading speed to your site, and if it is slow, it improves the speed by suggesting possible ideas. These improvements include JavaScript, CSS, image optimization, and font readability.

Keyword clustering

This is a method to create groups as per the related keywords available. In other words, we can say that it's an integral part of building up the semantic core of any given site. The users achieve this by creating a keyword cluster, and they use data researched on google.

After the software has done the grouping, the users now get proto-clusters used to make broader website structures. Theyalso get superclusters for page headings structuring of subheads. Clusters generally are grouped according to cluster levels, search engine, region, and cluster typesetting.

website analysis

Users in two forms deploy this tool; this are; Domain analysis and URL analysis. With URL analysis, the user is in a position to access the list of specific URL keywords and how they are ranked on google.

They identify particular competitors on URL and make a comparison between them. Domain analysis is where the users are interested in tracking positions, exploring organic pages within site, and coming up with a tree view for the site ranks. Users have access to charts, images of site visibility, ads, search traffic, organic keywords, and more.

The use of graphics is the best option, especially when unfamiliar analytics are present and digital markets need more understanding of the high-level SEO concept. The users can also compare domain and URL for PPC competitive strategies. If they identify a gap, they can use it in their performance.

Competitor analysis

A keyword research tool, as mentioned earlier, can help the users to gain the edge over their competitor’s strategies and tactics. In the same case, competitor analysis outlines your competitors and keywords that they are using to compete. Let'shave more insight into top organic and paid search competitor in this category.

Top paid search competitors

The tool used to sort the competitors is the number of keywords common for top paid search competitors. The search engine optimization and the domain features also show the keywords of what competitors are in a bid for.

Top organic competitors

Serpstat shows what the competing sites have in common, the relevance score, and the used keywords. The uniqueness of other sites allows the users to stalk competitors and try to borrow their strategies to their sites.

Keyword research

This is the primary feature used by the Search Engine Optimization and pay-per-click search campaigns. This feature can help get high volume organic and make high revenues on paid keywords to gain the edge over your fellow competitors. We will review more about SEO keyword research and PPC keyword research in this line.

SEO keyword research

With Serpstat, you will be better positioned to identify high-value keywords used for SEO campaigns. With this tool, the user can come up with unique new ideas to add to the existingcontent, and this helps to improve its effectiveness and attract more people.

Although this tool contains basic features, its worth can't be compared to when used in SEMrush and Ahrefs.

Suppose you want to find the keyword by using Serpstat; on the dashboard of the search engine, type a root keyword in the search bar. You will be taken to numerous related search keywords, and alongside, you will see their keyword difficulty and their search volumes. See the illustration below.

PPC keyword research

The PPC keyword research in Serpstat allows the user to leverage tasks similar to the SEO keyword research tool used for paid search campaigns. This tool provides different data and functionality as well.

Data provided includes the estimated cost per click, keyworddifficulty, and search volume. This data will help the users analyze and pick on the best or high-ranked keywords in termsof pay. Apart from the functions mentioned earlier, this tool also indicates the most recent search ads that other competitors are using for specific keywords, allies with the diagram below.

Backlink analysis

This feature helps the users understand an existing website profile and discover other new content creation ideas. The analysis showed that Ahrefs has more backlinks when compared to Serpstat.

On the dashboard, you will notice the number of backlinks, backlinks percentage, referral domains, and several followers on Serpstat. It will display the charts with referral domain accountsand lost and new backlinks over a specified period.

The backlink reports are displayed on the top page, indicating your performance. It’s wise to choose backlinks that will boost your site's performance other than making it stagnate or draining it.

• API, integration, and task list

• Reports and infographics

• Team management

Reasons why to choose Serpstat over the other competitors

If you want to have a successful advertisement for your business, then Serpstat is one of the powerful tools you need to embrace. This tool comes with lots of features and benefits that make it unique and popular to use as a SEO experts.

Thus, in this section, here are some of the common benefits of using Serpstat for your business;

Comes with Several Features

It entails all the significant features needed for keyword research. These features are; rank tracking, site auditing, backlink analysis, and PPC research. The backlinks give reports on domains and page referrals and help track competitors.

The competitive analysis features allow the user to discover and analyze the top competitors' keywords and the backlinks.

It’s about 30% cheaper when compared to SEMrush and Ahrefs

Serpstat supports an entry-level of 1500 keywords, which is a high figure compared to SEMrush, which only allows 500 keywords at the entry level.

Give a better SERPs ranking. Here, you can determine the optimization practices that deliver quality results and what don't. It also resolves errors to enable better ranking for the website.

Offers fast and helpful support to the user. A recent user gave a checkmark for review; the user says he has never had any bad encounters with Serpstat, and everything about the site is impressive.

Serpstat and other competitors

Serpstat is an online SEO software tool that primarily competes with other SEO tools such as; SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz, Alexa, and SE Ranking. In this blog, our primary focus will be on Serpstat versus SEMrush.

These two tools help digital marketers and influencers increase the visibility and traffic of their websites. They both gain insight into competitor marketing strategies and keyword rank tracking. The two tools are both excellent, as for SEMrush it's a better tool when doing keyword research, and Serpstat is a better tool when tracking high volumes of keywords.

Serpstat is cheaper by 40% compared to SEMrush, and it has advanced features but provides fewer data. Users get a high volume of tracked keywords at fair prices at Serpstat, so Serpstat becomes the better option for that task if you want to do tracking.

If you follow 60000 keywords, you will pay $149 with Serpstat, and with the same amount of keywords with SEMrush, you arerequired to pay $7000. This shows a clear indication that Serpstat is pretty priced in tracking keyword volumes as compared to SEMrush; an analysis of the pricing detail for the two tools are;


• Business plan at $449.95 on a monthly basis

• Guru plan @ $229.95 at a monthly basis

• Pro plan @ $119.95 per month


• Lite plan @ $69 monthly

• Standard plan @ $149 monthly

• Enterprise plan @ $499 monthly

• Advanced plan @ $299 monthly

In general, we can say that SEMrush is the best tool for digital marketers and influencers because it provides data-packed solutions and has full features compared to Serpstat. Serpstat can provide all the mentioned functions, but the device is not as advanced as SEMrush.

Final Thought about Serpstat

If you are into search analytics, keyword research, advertisinganalytic, competitor research, and rank tracking, then you may need to subscribe to Serpstat. This is a perfect SEO tools that comes with lots of features to help you in your business analytics.

Similarly, this tool offers you with a search data, especially from Yandex and Google. Thus, this makes Serpstat a fantastic SEO tool perfect for tracking keywords for sites, especially in Russia.

May 21, 2022


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