Semrush Review

May 19, 2022

When implementing SEO strategies for your business, you must do some important things such as site audits, keyword research, traffic analytics, competitive analysis, and link building. These are some things experts or beginners in SEO need to do to fine-tune their business. 

Though SEO can be an elephant in the room to understand fully, doing keyword research, competitive analysis, and site audit are the best SEO strategies to help you rank high on Google.

In fact, Babs, Kady, in his journal article, "SEMrush Review: Best Competitor Keyword Research Tool." (2012), suggested that one of the solid reasons why online marketers find it hard to rank high on Google or other search boxes is because they are using the exact keywords their competitors are using on their blogs.

Additionally, passing through various research and analysis processes to better up your site can be an uphill task, especially if you don't have the best tool at your figure tips to execute the whole process.

And so, this is where SEMrush comes in. 

Therefore, with the inception of SEMrush, ranking high on search engines shouldn't be a nightmare for your business anymore. Thus, this tool permits you and other web publishers to garner detailed information about their sites and competitor's site. 

Similarly, SEMrush has been deemed one of the most influential and effective SEO tools for businesses that need help optimizing their site for search engine ranking over the last few years. Also, it is a perfect tool that will boost your running campaigns by directing you to the relevant keywords to target your business.

Nonetheless, do the upgraded features on the software tend to be somewhat complicated for you to understand and use this tool? If that is the case, our experts at SEMrush have compiled this detailed guide to help you know everything you need to know about SEMrush and why you should start using it for your online business this year. 

If you find trouble using the software in any case, feel free to contact us. You’ll not only get this software at an affordable fee from us, but we’ll guide and show you how the tool operates for the success of your business. 

Apart from that, the following is what you’ll learn from this review as per our experts’ background research and experience with the software;

  1. What is SEMrush?
  2. SEMrush features for boosting your search ranking
  3. Why You should use SEMrush for your digital marketing 
  4. What is the difference between Google Analytics and SEMrush?
  5. Is SEMrush a Free Tool?
  6. Which is better, Ahrefs v SEMrush?
  7. Does SEMrush use Google data?
  8. How does SEMrush get search volume?

Let’s dive right into it;

What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is a renowned SEO tool ideally used to conduct a site audit, keyword research, Google Ad optimization, and competitive analysis. 

Similarly, it is software that comes with essential in-built features that help web publishers and other digital marketers to optimize their sites or blogs for better search engine rankings. In addition, the tool permits you to see where you've messed up in terms of SEO and gives you a leeway to boost your site.

Many reputable brands, including Quora, eBay, HP and more, use SEMrush to better their SEO ranking. What are you waiting for if such huge sites are into this software? 

We offer legit and authentic SEO services, including SEO tools such as SEMrush, at an affordable price. You need not worry about the advanced features in this software; our SEO experts will guide you in using this software at your convenience.

By implementing this upgraded SEO tool in your company, you can quickly notice your niche site mistakes and rectify them before it is too late. Thus, by recognizing your site mistakes, you’ll be compelled to check your site On-Page and optimize them superbly to achieve search engine rankings.

Generally, SEMrush will help you gain detailed insights into the keywords your competitors are targeting and ranking for. Therefore, with the immense amount of information the tool gives you, it will be much simpler to adjust your site performance and stay on top of your competitors forever. 

However, this SEO tool is majorly used by more prominent companies. This doesn't weed out beginners looking forward to using this tool. As a beginner, the platform is so friendly, and you can navigate through it even with less exposure to it. 

Now that you know what SEMrush is, what are some features that will help you better your site SEO using the tool? 

Let’s find out;

SEMrush features for boosting your search ranking

This tool is accompanied by many features you can use to place your site in a good ranking position perfectly. However, it is needless to say, with the dozens of features the tool comes with, it might be a bit challenging to pick which one for us, especially if you are a beginner. 

Therefore, after conducting our in-depth research and interviewing some of the expert digital marketers who have used SEMrush, we decided to jot down some of the outstanding SEMrush features that are most useful for search engine ranking improvements. They include;

  • On-Page SEO Checker
  • Keyword Gap Analysis
  • Project Dashboard
  • Traffic Analytics
  • Organic Traffic Insights
  • Position Tracking

On-Page SEO Checker

On-Page SEO Checker

This is one of the best SEMrush features that provide you with a list of items you can do to contribute to your site search engine rankings. Therefore, some of the things you’ll find in the list of this SEO tool feature include the following;

  • Backlink probability
  • How to optimize your On-Page SEO
  • Keyword recommendations
  • The intended length of the content

Generally, the recommendations mentioned earlier will result from the keyword analysis you'd be after to rank for on search engines. Thus, the SEO tool will gather all the information from big competitors in your niche and display it per the earlier recommendations. 

Therefore, the On-page SEO checker has become one of the essential features of SEMrush because it helps you create the best and evergreen content. As a result, your content will pop out in the search engine ranking for being well and properly optimized. 

And so, being presented with an analysis of your content page and that of your competitors and how to boost your page rankings is very important in your business. 

Keyword Gap Analysis

Keyword Gap Analysis

If you want to compare the keyword profiles of your top competitors in your niche, you may consider using keyword gap analysis. Therefore, you’ll get all the details of your competitors by entering the keyword and the domain name.

A keyword gap analysis will show you the best opportunities for every website of your choice, the number of overlapping keywords and other keywords found on the top profiles of your competitors.

Thus, having such detailed data about a specific keyword will help you implement effective SEO strategies and marketing campaigns because you’ll have a clear picture of which niche keywords are ranking and trending at the same time.

Therefore, once you're deeply aware of what your competitors are doing, it will be easy to practice SEO best practices that your competitors are not doing. Additionally, this detailed analysis of the keyword will offer you unique keywords for your particular domains, limiting the keyword gap in your marketing campaigns. 

Summary; the keyword gap analysis is another helpful feature that helps you identify some of the keywords in your niche that other websites are ranking for. 

Project Dashboard

Generally, the dashboard provides an overview of the activities done in the tool. Therefore, the summary of all the activities you’ve collected, such as data and information, will be displayed on the project dashboard.

So, to get a broader scope of your data from this feature, you’ll be required to link up the current projects, and the dashboard will produce the widget of information from other essential elements. Therefore, this will permit you to get a bigger picture of all your project performance.

Summary; the project dashboard can help you improve and track customers' search rank on search engines. Also, this feature allows you to visualize all the information collected in a summarized area. 

Traffic Analytics

This feature on SEMrush is used to estimate the traffic coming to your website, especially from mobile phones or desktops. Therefore, you can utilize traffic analytics to analyze the new market potential and establish a new and efficient plan to execute it.

Therefore, the primary importance of traffic analytics is that it permits you to see exactly where your site traffic is coming from. Also, the visitor's behaviors are being captured in this feature and the device they used to visit your site.

This feature is crucial, especially for professional sales teams, researchers, and marketing managers. 

Organic Traffic Insights

Organic traffic insights are such an excellent feature. It provides users with a detailed dashboard that shows the data from various sites, including SEMrush account, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console.

Similarly, Sam Thomas, a member of Embryo Digital, accounted that the Organic Traffic Insights feature in SEMrush is an incredible tool for searching quick-win changes outside of your primary keyword.

This means you can locate some keywords with low ranking and a small amount of traffic, after which their traffic will increase as time goes by. Additionally, this Organic Traffic Insights comes with a dashboard that displays vital information such as organic keyword volume, sessions, rankings from SEMrush, click-through rate, and ranking from Google Search Console.

Therefore, you can eventually use this feature to identify some of the keywords which GA maybe didn’t provide earlier and check the different data of those keywords. Immediately after you are done, this feature will permit you to see the performance of your entire site.

Position Tracking

Above all, you can't ignore this SEMrush feature. It is among the best quality you can use to improve your site's search engine rankings. Thus, position tracking is essentially used to examine the daily orders based on factors such as a custom group of the intended keyword.

Similarly, with all the various reports ranging from filtering, tagging, exporting, and sorting, you’ll get the exact information needed to analyze PPC performances and SEO. Additionally, other things that this feature provides in SEMrush include the following;

  • Domain and Keyword tracking
  • Featured snippet opportunities
  • Project device types
  • Geographic location analysis
  • Discovery of SEO tracking and their local competitors

Therefore, if you are looking to boost or revamp your search engine ranking, Position Tracking is one of the best features in this tool that might help you execute the SEO best practices without any inconveniences. 

Without a doubt, you need SEMrush in your digital marketing company if you want high search rankings. The tool comes with advanced features that unearth every little detail you'd like to know about your site and that of your competitors.

Therefore, if you're looking to buy this SEO tool at an affordable price, we guarantee you the best SEO tool with a manual guide on how to use it. Even if you are a beginner and want to use this software, you'll learn everything and have 24/7 support from our customer service in case of any problems while using the tool.

Why you should use SEMrush for your digital marketing Campaign

From our extensive research on the importance of using SEMrush for your company, we noted why you must embrace this tool if you want to skyrocket your business returns this year.

Here are the best reasons you should subscribe to the use of this powerful SEO tool;

#1. It permits you to see who your competitors are 

Imagine having a tool that shows you who your rivalries are in business? The joy of having a business is trampling down your competitor and garnering as much traffic to your site.

Therefore, SEMrush will allow you to see who your competitors are and plan strategic moves to knock them. So, by using this tool effectively, you'll be able to develop a comprehensive list of all your niche competitors, the keywords they're ranking for, and other helpful information relevant to their sites.

#2. Find Hidden Keywords 

Additionally, apart from seeing who your competitors are, SEMrush helps you find some of the hidden keywords you could even rank for on your website. Also, it assists you in discovering some of the related keywords your competitors are ranking for.

Therefore, this will help you optimize your blog or e-commerce site on the relevant keywords and rank on search engines. And so, if you are longing to be a professional SEO, you need to have this tool for your SEO rankings.

#3.Target Competitive Google Keywords

Another reason for purchasing SEMrush is to help you access high and rich google keywords for your blog. For instance, if you have a website or e-commerce store, I bet you know how a competitive and well-optimized keyword can bring tons of traffic to your site.

Therefore, it is crucial to target different niche keywords by using the correct tool to analyze the competition and the search volume the keyword comes with. For instance, sometime, the keywords used in the United Kingdom might be different from that targeted in Australia.

Therefore, you'll need to use a keyword that targets particular prospects in your field. And SEMrush offers you the proper keyword analysis to target each individual market.

What is the difference between Google Analytics and SEMrush?

SEMrush and Google Analytics are the most popular among bloggers, web publishers, and other digital marketers when you talk about analytic tools. 

Yes, you may find these two tools sharing similar features; however, they are designed distinctively with unique features making them relevant in their preferred roles in SEO.

Below is a table showing the differences between SEMrush and Google Analytics

ToolSEMrush Google Analytics
UseAnalyzes competitors' sites and concentrate on external website dataFocuses on the internal data on the site
Features It has more advanced features to boost your search enginesHas limited features that are also relevant for site SEO improvement 
Price It’s a paid toolFree to use 


Is SEMrush a Free Tool?

Generally, it comes with a free version that beginners can opt to use while upgrading their SEO skills. However, this SEMrush free version is designed with limited services and functionality. 

It will be a waste of time for a professional SEO expert to use a free version due to the limited features the tool comes with. That's why it is recommended to purchase and have your plan to oversee your company's business SEO plans.

That said; with a free account, you'll only be permitted to do the following;

  1. Develop and operate only one SEMrush report
  2. You’ll have ten daily inquiries concerning your keyword competition and research.
  3. Limited to 10 keyword tracking
  4. Check almost 100 pages of your site

These features might not have significant benefits as the paid version of the SEMrush. Nonetheless, you’ll be given a 14-day trial to use this SEO tool if you are sure to embrace it entirely for your SEO services.

Thus, for the paid plan, the package ranges from $99.95 to $374.95 monthly or $119.95 to $449.95. 

Which is better, Ahrefs v SEMrush?

First, these two sites help online marketers to optimize their websites for search engine rankings. In this section, you'll learn the advantages of both tools to make an informed decision about which one is better than the other.

Advantages of Ahrefs

  • Ahrefs can be used on various search engines apart from Google to conduct keyword research, unlike SEMrush, which only uses Google to perform its keyword research.
  • It is a bit easy to use
  • You can conduct broken link analysis faster with Ahrefs
  • You can work with an unrestricted number of websites as long as your ownership is verified

Advantages of SEMrush

  • Allows you to do a lot of keyword research and backlink, unlike Ahrefs
  • SEMrush offers a lot of information concerning SEO and PPC. So, if you want to cover both, then this tool might be preferable to Ahrefs
  • You can quickly identify even  the most inner and relevant related keywords for your business 
  • It has a more comprehensive site auditing features to use
  • It has a more extensive domain database
  • You can quickly notice some of the outputting toxic links
  • SEMrush has phone support, unlike Ahrefs.

From the above pros each tool comes with, SEMrush is more SEO-oriented than Ahrefs. In addition, if you are looking to perform a lot of keyword research for your site client, SEMrush serves you with the best opportunity for this.

Does SEMrush use Google data?

SEMrush comes with a vast database to display everything about their advertisers that uses Google Shopping and Ads. 

On top of that, this tool uses its designed machine learning algorithm and other trusted data providers to get the data into its database.

 Final Thoughts

SEMrush is one of the popular SEO tools you can quickly implement if you want to boost your search engine rankings. Bloggers widely use the tool to identify top and competitive keywords to target on their sites. This software also permits you to see some of your competitor's top pages and the keywords they are ranking for.

Therefore, every online marketer should strive to have this software for their site SEO improvement. However, it is not a free tool. You'll be required to pay some pennies to access all the relevant SEO features necessary for your site search rankings. Thus, it is either your site is ranking or not. 

SEMrush is here to help you get your business to a success level with SEO best practices.

May 19, 2022


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