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May 17, 2022

Are you wondering how to rank your website using PBN domains this year? You know every joy of bloggers or website owners lies in the position they find their website in SERPs. This means that having your website in the first position or with a high ranking power boosts your business.

The worse thing is to see some of your colleagues in your niche ranking high on Google, and you don’t know what they’re doing to achieve such tremendous page ranks on their website. Therefore, finding quality PBN backlinks for your website can help you rank high without an iota of doubt.

Some companies and sites claim to offer quality PBN domains, but only a few are legit and trusted. And so, we at ScoreDomain come in handy to not only provide you with quality PBN links but will also help you choose the perfect links to implement on your site. 

Don't hold back from reaching out to us if you know what a quality PBN domain can do to your website. 

Having said that, we’ve penned down some of the noteworthy points to help you understand everything you need to know about PBN domains. However, it can be difficult to select the best agencies to buy PBN domains for your website. 

That’s why it is crucial to have detailed information about PBN links before buying them. 

Good news, in this article, we’ve expounded every bit to help you familiarize yourself with PBN domains. The following are some of the pure tenets you'll get in this helpful resource concerning PBN domains;

  1. What is a PBN domain?
  2. What are PBN links in SEO?
  3. How do you make PBN backlinks?
  4. Outstanding PBN Benefits for Smart Marketers
  5. Factors to consider before buying PBN domains 

So, if you are looking forward to understanding what PBN links entail, then this helpful guide is very important for you. Therefore, if this sounds compelling, let's start from the top.

What is a PBN domain?

Generally, PBN is an acronym for Public Blog Network. 

Therefore, a PBN domain is simply a network or a group of authoritative sites that consist of expired domains. These domains normally have high domain authority and excellent search engine rankings algorithms. 

Additionally, these domains can be used to create links to various websites and blogs so that they may have a high ranking power in SERPs and other search engine boxes. 

Similarly, you can refer to this technique as one of the best ways to create and establish authoritative backlinks to push a website or blog high on Google in less time.

 You need to know about PBN domains because they are not supposed to link to each other. They only link with the blogs or sites you intend to rank high on SERPs. For instance, if, in any case, you purchase 15 PBN links from our trusted site, 'ScoreDomain,' then you'll be required to link all the fifteen PBN links to the website you want to achieve a higher ranking on Google as shown below;


Nonetheless, linking these PBN domains together will result in what is known as countermeasures. 

Therefore, it is recommended to purchase PBN domains from trusted sites. These backlinks can also harm your website if they are irrelevant to your site. Similarly, you should be vigilant when linking PBN links to your website or blogs because they can alter your SEO ranking algorithm if Google detects them. 

And so, are PBN links good for SEO? 

Let’s find out:

What are PBN links in SEO?

SEO, popularly referred to as Search Engine Optimization, is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site. SEO best practices might push your site high in terms of page ranking. And that’s where PBN links come in.

Therefore, when a page gains lots of quality backlinks, the site will have a high chance of ranking on Google. Google considered link building as one of the best for SEO ranking. And that’s where PBN links are seen.

Nonetheless, nowadays, Google not only uses the link-building technique to rank a site but the quality of the link, the content on the site, and the great domain score the site has.

So, as much as PBN links are a great way to boost your SEO ranks, the decision to buy these domains is entirely upon you. Therefore, should you use PBN domains to rank high on Google? 

If you are still reading, it means you profoundly want to rank high to have tons of visitors coming to your site, right? Generally, more traffic to any website equates to increased returns, leads, and sales. Therefore, if you are not sure whether to use PBN links or not, continue reading to find out.

Should you use PBN Links?

If you want to rank high, then embracing the use of PBN links might be what you need. This is one of the simplest and easiest ways to build a quality backlink to your site.

Therefore, you can easily get started on setting the PBN domain on your site with the help of ScoreDomain. At ScoreDomain, we make it simple for you to set your private blogging network to build authority and trustworthiness on your site by building quality backlinks that will help you rank.

Similarly, before you use PBN links, you must acquaint yourself with the pros and cons of these links. Below are some of the pros and cons of PBN links.

Advantages of Using PBN Links

  1. PBN links are effective ways to build backlinks to your site, which will allow your site to rank high
  2. PBN domains are affordable
  3. These links can generate many returns in the long run
  4. PBN domains permit you to manage your search keywords

Disadvantages of Using PBN Links

  1. They can be time wastage 
  2. Although they are cheap, they can become costly over time
  3. You risk being penalized by Google.

PBN domains are effective ways of building backlinks. Nonetheless, they are accompanied by some risks as well. 

Now that you are aware of the banes and boons of PBN links, you can decide whether to use them on your site or not. 

How do you make PBN backlinks?

Whether you are a beginner in SEO or an expert, one of the important things you'd want to know is how to build or make PBN links.

To understand more about how to build a PBN link, let’s consider the following example;

Suppose a website learncpfix.com was established by a website in 2015 to offer information about tech products and the latest trending topic about technology. Therefore, this site became featured on other big local websites because of its high popularity in providing relevant tech information.

So, the site, learncpufix.com, will start to earn money within a short period. After two years, the owner decides not to use the site again. So, instead of investing again in this site, they might allow it to become outdated or expire.

In this case, this expired domain now contains links from reputable sites from local websites and other recognized sites. Google will now consider this site trustworthy and authoritative because of its earlier website activities.

Therefore, if an SEO expert purchases this domain, the site can be included in PBN domains to be used to build links to other sites and earn money. Essentially, this is how SEO professional comes up with PBN domains.

In fact, each day, nearly 30-40 domains expire, and several of them can be used in building PBN because of their awesome metrics.

Factors to consider before buying PBN domains

Now that you know what the PBN domain includes. Building one might be challenging, especially if you are not SEO competent. 

So, you might be left with one option: buy PBN links to help your site rank high. Whether you want to purchase PBN backlinks from agencies, companies, or whichever source, you must consider the following factors to have quality PBN domains linked to your website. 

Let’s discuss them in detail;

Examine the Backlink Spam Score 

One of the important factors to deem fit before purchasing PBN backlinks is examining the spam score of the links. Yes, you may get people saying that the domain authority of the link matters a great deal. However, if the website spam score is tremendously high, those backlinks won't be effective.

If, in any case, Google detects such a high spam score domain on your site, it can automatically harm your SEO rankings. For long Google has been advocating not using fishy means to get your site ranked high, but to be original and use the SEO best practices to get your site on the first page of SERPs.

What causes spam scores, you may ask? Keyword cloaking and stuffing are the major ways you may find your domain in this condition. 

Most people think having more backlinks on their website will make their site rank. So, they buy backlinks without examining the backlink spam score. This isn't the right way to go. In fact, one fishy backlink on your site might ruin your entire site.

Therefore, before purchasing backlinks, check their spam score. There are lots of tools on the internet you can use to check the PBN backlink spam scores. So, whether you are buying links from agencies or companies, ensure the links come with a low spam score.

Check Whether the Website has Unique and Clear Content. 

Content is king. A site with unique and clear content attracts different collaborations from companies and bloggers at large. 

Therefore, as you may have heard, providing great content is crucial to boosting your rankings on Google; the same relates to PBN links. Before purchasing these links, you should check whether the content provided on the website is clear, unique, and relevant to your site.

Thus, you should treat this practice very seriously before buying links. A slight mistake can destroy your entire site. And so, you ought to ensure the content connecting to those links is unique, relevant, and doesn’t violate Google SEO guidelines.

Using a PBN link with copyright issues might make your website penalized by Google. Note that once your site has been penalized, it won't be easy to revive it. All your struggle would have gone to waste, and you'll be needed to start from zero. 

Such are the risks of buying links without checking the validity and legitimacy. Nonetheless, fear not. ScoreDomain provides PBN domains that comply with all the Google and SEO guidelines. 

Buy Links with High Rankings 

Why are you interested in backlinks if not to have a high domain authority? 

Therefore, before you decide to rest on certain backlinks for your site, ask yourself if the links you are buying have a high ranking already. 

Several companies might offer you links with zero domain authority and do not rank. Then you should ensure the backlink offered to your site has quality content and a better ranking to satisfy your main goal with the PBN links. 

So, if you are not sure about the ranking of a certain link, you can use Moz to find the ranking of the link you are purchasing. You’ll be required to paste the link into the tool and wait for the results.

Therefore, if Moz ranks the link high, it is needless to say the PBN domain has a high ranking.

The Niche 

Niche is simply the area of your specialization in terms of content creation. It can be you’re specializing in tech, pets, health, gardening, and more. 

Thus, this is one of the important factors to deem fit before buying links. Yes, PBN links tend to rank your site, but they must come from a relevant niche source. Several bloggers tend to make thousands of backlinks from a different website and anticipate that their site will rank. No, that doesn’t work. 

Relevancy is one of the core factors you should consider when purchasing PBN links. If you specialize in a tech niche or pet, let all your backlinks come from a website with the same niche but have a high ranking and well established.

According to Google's latest updates, all the backlinks from unrelated niche sites linked to your website are not viewed as quality backlinks. So, concentrate on building quality links from a relevant niche site.

Above all, before purchasing any link, ensure they suit your website niche. Otherwise, your links will be rendered useless by Google.

Additionally, apart from building backlinks, focus on creating quality content because PBN links alone without content won’t make you rank.

The Domain Age

Generally, the age of the domain plays a pivotal role in determining whether the link will be beneficial to your site or not.

And so, older domains have a higher ranking and will probably help your site rank without any hassles. However, things have changed nowadays. If you are not knowledgeable in this field, it might be daunting to find a good aged domain. 

Some years back, it was a no-brainer to locate an aged domain, but not in this era. Thus, you’re needed to be very careful when selecting a domain for a backlink. You can brush this hassle aside by buying PBN links from ScoreDomain. Here, we will help you find a good and aged domain as per your taste and preference.

Why should you pick an old domain? 

Usually, aged domains are considered authoritative by Google because of the several activities the site has engaged with. Nonetheless, keep in mind that when talking about the age of the domain, we're not referring to the time the domain was registered but when Google first indexed it.

The Domain Authority (High)

Domain authority is another pertinent aspect to consider before purchasing PBN links. There is no use in purchasing a domain with low authority. You consider whether the domain has the high authority or not. Otherwise, there’s no business in buying a domain that won't impact your website ranking.

Generally, if your website is linked to a high authority domain within the same niche, your site ranking will also increase. A high domain will help almost all of your pages to rank without straining.

Also, another importance of having a high domain linked to your site is that Google will prioritize your site, unlike your competitors.

For instance, if you are in a pet niche and your competitors have written the same post, offering the same information as your post, Google will honor your site and rank above them because your website domain authority is high.

It is advisable to check whether the backlinks have increased CF, DA, and TF. You can check that by using online tools at your convenience.

The above points will help you select the best PBN links from a legitimate source without harming your site. There are several factors to consider before buying PBN domains. However, considering the age of the domain, content uniqueness, and the website niche, among others, are great drives to buying quality backlinks.

Outstanding PBN Benefits for Smart Marketers

Ranking on Google has become very difficult, especially with SEO growth each day. People have different views according to PBN domains; you can still invest in PBN backlinks and have huge SEO growth if done properly.

Therefore, the following are the benefits of PBN for smart marketers this year.

  1. Growth in Website Traffic 

Generally, when a website has high traffic, this will increase sales, subscribers, and leads. Therefore, there is always a dire need for a website to have a lot of traffic. And how will you achieve this as a newbie in blogging?

There are several ways to drive traffic to your site, including social media such as Instagram, among others. As a blogger, one of the easiest ways to drive traffic is by using PBN backlinks. 

You can purchase PBN links to use them to boost your traffic growth. Thus, if you want to look to buy one, consider purchasing links from a trusted site such as ScoreDomain for your website safety. 

Typically, PBN domains come with high ranking and authority, which will positively impact your website ranking. 

So, if you want to drive traffic to your website, PBN domains are the best way to go. 

  1. Help to Build SEO Strategies 

Another benefit that comes with PBN backlinks is simplifying the SEO campaign strategies. As a blogger, this helps you create a series of a network, especially in the field of your specialization. 

Link building might help you create effective SEO campaigns that could benefit your site.

  1. Boost Your Earnings

As said above, converting a site from personal to the public should bring about extra earnings.

Some PBN proprietors choose to rent hyperlinks on your website online at expenses that can be pretty costly. PBN search engine proprietors, in most cases, will rate excessive expenses to make sure the quality of their services is quite constrained and extraordinarily selective.

Final Thoughts 

PBN domains are an essential aspect of SEO. They might help your site rank and boost your website's domain authority as well. However, you must be very careful when purchasing PBN links for your site. 

Several sites are claiming to offer quality backlinks. Nonetheless, if you want an aged domain with a high ranking, consider purchasing your PBN domains from ScoreDomain, which comes with quality domains to boost your site rankings. 

Similarly, selecting a reputable site to purchase links might be daunting. So, before buying links, consider checking the link spam score, the age of the domain, the niche of your website, and the ranking, among others. 

May 17, 2022


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