Link-able Review

Jun 11, 2022

Link-able allows website owners to hire independent authors for high-quality backlinks. One of the best ways to develop links for website owners, bloggers, and content creators is through a service called Link-able. As a blogger, you don't need to waste your time contacting media and begging for a link in order to build links.

You can use the Link-able platform for your project. Where professionals go to find content that they might want to link to. Doing this on your own is preferable to hiring an SEO firm. It's a service for freelancers, similar to Upwork, that focuses exclusively on link building. To get started, all you need to do is sign up, describe your needs, and post a link-building task.

Also, the majority of content writers don't get paid enough for the hard work they do. Link-able helps content marketers and authors solve this problem. This Link-able review is meant to give a full look at the platform, including a discussion of its features. Also, how it can benefit content creators and marketers and some of the most significant advantages and disadvantages.

What is a Link-able?

Link-able is the name of this new content marketing platform. It was made to help both people who market content and people who write. Content marketers can get high-quality backlinks to their work from authors in their fields by using Link-able. 

As a result, content creators see an increase in the amount they are paid for their work.

We carefully look over each author's request to join Link-able to make sure that only the best authors are featured. This means that content marketers can work with just the top authors in their sector and develop quality backlinks. Link-able allows content marketers to post tasks and get proposals from leading authors. In order to meet their needs, customers can then choose from one of the authors and pay them for their services.

Link-able Features

The following are some of Link-most able's noteworthy features:

Good backlinks for content marketers

Link-able connects content marketers with top authors from a wide range of industries. So that they can develop high-quality backlinks and market their own content. Author backlinks can help content marketers' search engine rankings and organic traffic.

Better Pay for Content Creators

Content creators can earn more by helping content marketers create backlinks. It is up to the authors to decide which projects they want to work on, and then they may apply to the content marketers with a list of their fees. It is possible for the author to begin working on a project once a marketer accepts his or her application.

Full Transparency

Link-able is a good platform for content marketers and content creators to connect in terms of transparency. The platform makes it easy for content marketers to create an account and post their needs. It's also possible for content creators to sign up on the platform and find relevant link-building jobs. That can assist them in earning more money for their work and finding excellent content that they can link to.

Authors of Good Content

Every content creator can't join Link-able. But, they only accept proposals from authors who can demonstrate that they have met the minimum standards. This assures those content marketers on the platform have access to the most competent authors. How can we assist them in obtaining high backlinks for their site?


Simply registering and tracking projects on Link-able is really straightforward. To begin, you'll need to create a project. Include any additional information that a link builder would want about the sort of backlinks you require for your website. Your request is sent to the system, which will then suggest writers who fit the bill. Authors are also welcome to submit an application for your project. To begin link-building, both parties must analyze the requests and applicants.


As compared to other link building services, Link-Able has no sign-up fee and no limit on the number of projects that you may upload to the site. However, if you want to employ someone to generate content and develop links for you, you will have to pay them for their services. Depending on the author, the kind of link you require, and the website where the link will be posted, the price might vary greatly. Visit the Link-able website for additional information.

Great Performance

Link-database able's and management systems are very easy to use. All of the author and client checks are performed by hand. The team also carefully looks over every connection that is made. To verify that it is done correctly and in accordance with the client's specifications. Avoids backlinks that are spammy, promotional, or sponsored. The Link-able Guarantee protects all customers. As a result, all contributions are held in escrow and are only released upon receipt of appropriate clearances.

Additional Products and Solutions

If you've got a website and want to use various digital marketing methods to promote it, this guide is for you. If you're a great writer with links to other websites, Link-able might be a good fit for you. Backlinks can be made for clients, and you can write for them. Link-able pays a lot of attention to SEO and the quality of backlinks it gets from other websites. As a result, working with Link-able writers gives you access to their SEO expertise.

Possibility to compete with bigger websites

It is difficult for small websites to compete with established brands on the internet. Nonetheless, thanks to Link-able, even small websites have a good chance of competing with larger ones. As a result, it gives content marketers an advantage over their rivals in search engine rankings.

Link-able for Content Marketers

Even if a website has good content, content marketers still have to spend a lot of time and money to get good backlinks. Link-building can be extremely difficult for tiny websites without the necessary marketing resources. Also, without high-quality links, achieving higher search engine rankings can be nearly impossible. Authors in their respective fields can use Link-able to assist them in building good backlinks. Backlinks help marketers boost search engine rankings and get more visitors.

How do I post projects on Link-able?

When a content marketer creates an account on Link-able, they can immediately start posting projects. There will be a brief introduction to the project and a description of the web page to which the backlink is to be added. Content writers can look for other projects like this one on the site, and they'll see yours when they do a search.

Those who think they are qualified to do the work for you will send you a short application that explains the steps. They will tell you how long and how much money they think it will take to set up the link. It is possible for the content marketer to accept an application if they like it, and the author can begin working on a task. Content marketers manage their projects and accept or decline author submissions.

How Link-able Helps Those Who Market Content

Building backlinks is a constant source of frustration for us content marketers. You see, if you want people to visit your websites, you need to get traffic. The secret element is the number of high-quality backlinks you have on your website.

The greater your site's authority with the search engines, the more relevant backlinks you'll be able to build. Link-able is a tool that can assist you in accomplishing this goal and bring more attention to the material you provide. Creating material on your blog is simple. However, if you can't build quality backlinks, your efforts will be wasted. Your content must be ranked if you wish to see an increase in traffic.

Link-able allows content marketers to sign up for a free account (they need to apply and get approved first). Starting posting projects regarding the pages you'd like backlinks for is also a good idea.   Link-able connects your project with related authors when it's posted. Who has a lot of expertise writing about the subject matter you're interested in. When you use Link-able, you'll get submissions from a wide range of sites. Each with a different level of domain authority, all are requesting to establish connections to your website. As a result, there is no need for you to conduct any guest posting yourself.

How Link-able works for content creators

There are a lot of well-known journalists and bloggers on Link-able. If you have a fixed compensation, they will do outreach and produce backlinks in exchange. We think it's an excellent platform for both content marketers and authors. We even tried our hand at article writing at one point, but we were really disappointed. When we didn't get the attention, we wanted.

When it comes to article writing, making money was quite challenging. Those that write well can now be compensated more fairly thanks to the innovative Link-able platform. Writers who provide high-quality articles. Please apply to become a link-able content author. There are a lot of wonderful ways to make money. If you like, you can even pick and choose the information you want to link to and focus on areas in which you have expertise. You'll be able to make more money and obtain more credit for topics in which you excel than you were previously.

Some things to keep in mind

No fee to use

Link-services able's are free, unlike others. It's completely free, and you don't have to pay any money to join. That's true whether you're in the business of creating or marketing content. You can get started right now for nothing.

It's just that you'll have to pay a percentage of the money you spend on Content Authors to use this service. Upwork's model is similar to this one. Except they don't steal from clients, only freelancers. They just take a cut from Content Authors, and it's free for Digital Marketers.

Hard to get approved

Link-able, on the other hand, is incredibly difficult to connect. They have extremely strict quality criteria, and as a result, the vast majority of websites fail to pass them. Even if you're an author, you're subject to the same rules. If your account is refused, it will take time to evaluate it. To win over Link-able, you'll need to have a solid content marketing profile. You need a good writing portfolio to impress Link-able. They manually approve users' and Content Marketers' websites. You'll need a link-able certificate to establish your status as a content marketer. You have been permitted to connect to the content you are promoting.

Works with smaller sites as well

Link compatibility with both small and large websites and blogs was a major plus point for us. In comparison to other well-known blogs, our doesn't have a million-dollar marketing budget and isn't as popular. If most authors opted for more well-known websites, we feared that smaller sites would lose out on backlinks. We were glad to find out that you don't need to be a big-time brand to build backlinks. No matter how big or tiny a website is, it will be included in Link-able. If your site has excellent, linkable material, you'll get submissions.

Linkable's pros and cons


  • The easy-to-use platform for marketers and authors
  • The best way for content marketers to gain backlinks
  • It helps writers get paid more for what they write.
  • Beneficial for marketers with outstanding website content
  • Content marketers can compete with bigger sites.


  • Some customers say Link-able authors charge excessive fees for poor work.
  • You can't expect overnight success.

What Makes Link-able Better for Link Building?

It is possible for certain SEO agencies and link brokers to post spammy content on their own network of sites (known as a PBN). "PBN" is short for "Private Blog Network." These private blog networks are used to manipulate search engine rankings in order to boost an article's authority. Even though some PBNs are complex and meticulously constructed, Google is clever enough to catch them.

It is not just the PBN that will be penalized by Google, but also your site for engaging in questionable link-building methods. A link from a credible source is what you're looking for. PBNs are disliked by several other search engines as well. They won't be popular with your prospective consumers either. A lack of professionalism on these websites might make your information look less reputable.

If one of your prospective customers visits the site. They will perceive all of the information on the site, including yours, as spammy. You can't even show your clients what you've built since it's so spammy-looking.

That's not the only thing to keep in mind when it comes to getting rid of your SEO business or link builder. Because your articles can't be quickly deleted from legitimate sites, you won't have to worry about them going to waste your time and money.

Link-able has real writers who participate and share their knowledge with real readers on real websites. This kind of connection has several advantages, not the least of which is that it may help you rise in the search engine results. The following are a few advantages: The post they just read was interesting to them, and they want to know more. People who are reading the author's piece will click on your link and go to your site.

Can the writer mention site's name in the links?

If you're looking for a high-quality link, this is the one. With Link-able, you can see precisely where your link is placed and the entire content that it links to. Unlike SEO companies that hide the links they build. When authors use Link-able, they are more likely to make good content. They should also mention your website in a relevant and beneficial way.

Who should use Linkable to make money? is an excellent place for freelancers who can write well and build good backlinks for SEO and PR. You may earn as much as you like for constructing a single connection. A lot is dependent on the author's unique style and the content they've created. The cost of building a link depends on several factors. It includes the site's DA (Domain Authority) and the link attribute (dofollow or nofollow). Most Linkable authors make an average of $375 for each link they generate. Depending on the business's budget, earnings range from $150 to $1000.

What is the price of Link-able?

Link-able is an entirely free platform. Link-able, like other freelance employment sites, takes a cut of the author's revenue.

What's the best way to begin?

  • Sign up for a Linkable Author account by completing the following form:
  • Register for a Linkable Author account by going to this link: Linkable Author Registration.
  • You should include your name and email address in the "Personal Details" section.
  • Choose a niche in which you have a lot of experience writing.
  • Incorporate your writing website or Linkedin profile into the list of links.
  • The greatest pieces you've written for various publications should be included.
  • Add a few lines of personal information and then click the "Submit" button.

The Linkable team will review your application once you submit it. If you've been accepted, you'll get an email or a notification on their platform. It's now possible to apply for tasks listed by Link-able platform clients and begin earning money.

How do I get my payment on Link-able?

Clients who engage Linkabale writers must pay Linkabale in full before the author begins working on a project. Linkable will not release your cash until your project is complete.

If your work is approved, Linkable will pay you through Stripe. You must link your Stripe account to Linkable before you can use it. Linkable also gives its customers a 30-day guarantee. This means that you won't get paid for about a month after you finish your work.

What's so great about Link-able?

Only well-known and competent writers are allowed to develop high-quality backlinks. A simple to use tool that will enable you to quickly and affordably build a wide variety of high-quality backlinks to your website.

Your outreach and guest blogging duties are no longer your responsibility. Links from high-ranking and well-respected writers

The Link-able service provides what type of a backlink?

Since content authors often give editorial links or guest posts on reputable websites, the backlinks come from most of the time.

How much does Link-able really cost?

Users may upload as many projects as they want on Link-able at no charge. But the Content Author who applies to any of the user's projects will charge a fee for the specific work. That has to be done for that project. The cost is determined by several criteria, including the sort of service requested and the Content Author.

Is it possible for the user to choose their own backlink?

Content Authors will communicate with the user to inform them of the articles they are creating and the domains they will link to. Because of this, a user can simply browse through all of the suggestions that they will get from them and finally choose the best one.

When it comes to building backlinks, what is the limit for each user?

As we've already said, a user can make a lot of backlinks. But the links they make should make sense, which means they should be relevant.

How long will it take for a user to get paid?

In order to get their full money, Link-able customers must wait for a month after creating their backlink.

How does the Link-able platform work for writers?

It's excellent that Link-able is being stricter with writers. In order to get access to the platform, authors must first pass a rigorous verification process. The people who work on Link-able also work closely with writers. To make sure that they have done enough research for their articles. Their links to other websites are also relevant and valuable. Link-able may be a useful tool for independent writers who have a knack for writing and want to monetize their work.


Remember that each SEO service has its own set of perks and cons while analyzing Link-able. Use Link-platform ables to find out if they have the capabilities and services you need.

They'll be the ideal fit for your needs if you're considering using them. When it comes to promoting local businesses or products, Link-able isn't the best option (like on an eCommerce site).

It's not the first time these kinds of offerings have been made available. Because of how it's verified, this one stands out. On the internet, thousands of low-quality sites are being sold as legitimate sources of backlinks. They work hard to stand out.

They also fill a market need for high-quality editorial or guest post backlinks on credible websites. Which helps both parties. Link-able could be a good choice if you're a content marketer looking for an easier way to increase your online presence. Also, Link-able is an excellent way for people who write content to make more money.

Jun 11, 2022


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