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May 20, 2022

Do you own online marketing, publishing, or affiliate site? You probably get buried neck-deep in SEO and online marketing strategies. The HOTH may be just the thing you need to rid yourself of the often frustrating struggle of Search Engine Optimization for your site. 

We can easily handle SEO and PPC basics and dynamics for you and help you boost and maintain the marketability of your business, all you have to do is reach out to us, and we will be glad to step in and work our magic for your site.

Also, if you are a freelance writer interested in keyword research and general SEM dynamics, The HOTH is an amicable company to work for. Working with us is quite a comfortable experience. Here at The HOTH, we offer various perks. 

The HOTH is dedicated to equipping you with quality, competitive experience in writing SEM content and web page material for our clients in various fields of specialization.

Our company is both employee and client-friendly. This article seeks to delve deeper into what The HOTH is and its offer. Below is a sneak peek of some of the questions you will have answered by the end of your reading.

  1. What is The HOTH?
  2. Is the HOTH a legitimate agency?
  3. What do we offer
  4. Why work with The HOTH?
  5. Requirements for working with The HOTH

Let’s delve into it without further ado.

What is The HOTH?

You’re probably wondering what our name means, right? It may sound like some mysterious magic movie title, but The HOTH is, really, just a clever abbreviation. HOTH stands for ‘Hit em’ Over the Head,' which is precisely what we are committed to doing, albeit not literally. Here, we nail your SEO concerns right on the head, offering you all you need to stay in the lead. 

Ours is a white label SEO company specializing in online marketing and SEM. We are found primarily in St. Petersburg, Florida. Founded back in 2010, The HOTH has successfully served various marketing ventures and agencies globally and maintained an impressive, steady growth rate.

Over the years, we have dynamically expanded the scope of our products to include local, video, and full-service SEO. We also specialize in the creation of top-tier quality content.

One of our primary goals is to make SEO readily available to everyone. SEO is indispensable for online marketing and business promotion on the online platform. We offer you various services and products that can help your business venture rank high on Google and other search engines at an affordable rate.

Our agency also helps you to rake up and maintain traffic to your business site by keeping you up to date with the ever-changing SEO best practices, such as content quality, video, and mobile optimization for your site, which have recently been the essential ranking determiners. 

Please think of us as your multi-purpose in-house online marketing assistant as we ease off the burden of online marketing needs and SEO for you to focus comfortably on growing your business. We help you achieve impeccable page rankings and attract as much relevant traffic to your site as possible by staying updated with the SEO practices that matter most.

We aim to simplify SEO for all our clients, as I said before. We offer a broad scope of coveted products that inclusively serve all kinds of business ventures, from small-scale local businesses to larger-scale fortune companies. We have an impressive team that is ever enthusiastic about serving you any time, so feel free to reach out to us today for the best, most satisfactory customer service experience.

How credible is The HOTH?

One of the best ways to gauge a company's credibility is from client and employee reviews. The HOTH boasts of an impressive rating of 4.2 out of five, derived from more than two hundred anonymous reviews from the company’s employees. 

Critical reviews highlighted credit the company with excellent company culture and blog topic variation. It also points out that The HOTH team comprises a well-informed team of staff members from different parts of the country, willing and happy to help out.

 We also boast of incredible client reviews. One case study reveals that The HOTH’s career coaching helped a client increase monthly traffic from less than 200 to a staggering 2000. Their revenue also saw a forty-five percent increase, and keyword rankings rose from five hundred to over 2000. 

A different case study reported a 300 percent traffic increase with an estimated value of more than 10,000 dollars. This also came with an impressive keyword ranking of over 4000 on the first page. Our company is therefore evidently very legitimate and industriously competitive.

  For budding freelance writers, working at our company offers an excellent opportunity for you to learn all there is to know about SEO. What's more, you get to earn every week based on your competence in content writing. This means you get paid according to the number of articles you manage to handle.

What do we offer?

The HOTH offers various services and products that help you get to the top of Search Engine rankings and stay there. We help you increase traffic to your site and achieve impressive SEO. We offer up to 22 online tools and software to help you with SEO. 

These include tools necessary for SEO analysis, keyword research, website performance, content creation, and PPC projections. These are considered the five pillars of SEM perfection.

SEO Analysis Tools

SEO analysis tools help you build traffic and stay ahead of your direct competitors by offering valuable insights and exceptional SEO tracking. Tools offered by the HOTH for SEO analysis include

  1. SEO Report Tool

This tool enables you to quickly analyze important SEO factors, including whether your site is both mobile and desktop optimized, how it performs on social media, accessibility, and how navigable it is.

  1. SEO Checker

This free tool facilitates quick SEO progress checks and instant SEO analysis to ensure you are still on track with your SEM goals.

  1. Organic  Traffic Stats

With this tool, you can instantly view and compare multiple stats about your domain by keying in several URLs. You can compare organic traffic, keyword counts, and much more.

  1. Domain Authority Checker

This will help you gauge the strength of a particular page and help you predict how the said page or domain will rank on the Google Search Engine results.

  1. Competitor’s Search Checker

The HOTH can help you identify your main direct competitors using this tool. By simply keying in your URL, you will be able to see various other existing domains with identical keywords to yours. 

Like any other competition, identifying your main competitor is essential in ensuring you stay in the lead. By identifying your competitor's main selling point, you will be able to stay a step ahead by providing a better version of what sells their domain most.

  1. Keyword extraction Tool

The HOTH provides this tool to enable you to peep into a competitor's website and have an idea of the phrases and keywords they employ in their domains. Split the keywords that appear prominently on the website into various categories, then key any URL into this tool and look at the resulting phrases.

  1. SE Rankings Checker

The HOTH Search Engine rankings checker lets you check out the keywords that place a higher ranking competitor ahead of you in page rankings. This will enable you to know what to improve to rank higher yourself. With this knowledge, you can conduct proper keyword research and develop better quality content to top SE rankings. This tool is one way our company helps you stay a step ahead of the competition.

  1. SEO Audit Tool

Stay up to date with your SEO ratings by performing an instant SEO audit on your page using this useful SEO audit tool provided by The HOTH.

  1. Backlink Checker

This tool will help you spy on the main backlinks of a competitor's domain. You can easily rank higher than your direct competitors by obtaining better quality links and probably even attract bonus traffic from 301 redirects and link referrals.

  1. Local SEO Business Listing Scanning tool

We help you stay on track with your business ratings on the Local Business Listing sites using this tool to observe how your business is ranked on leading citation sites.

Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research tools help you evaluate your current keywords and discover new keywords to explore in the future to boost your SEO. Keyword research tools on The HOTH include

  1. Keyword Research Tool

This tool enables you to derive higher value keywords from the core keyword, which you can use to create better quality content that will rank higher on Google.

  1. Keyword Gap Evaluation Tool

This tool lets you compare your domain with up to three direct competitor domains to find out where they outrank you. This allows you to work on these weak points and consequently gets you at the top of the competition with proper keyword research.

  1. Keyword Authority Checker

You can instantly check several keywords, compare various stats on each, and observe the traffic authority on each keyword, the SE popularity, PPC authority, and the number of competitors dealing with that particular keyword. You can key in as many URLs as possible and make your comparisons. You get to pick the keyword with as much SEO juice as possible.

Content creation Tools

Content creation tools help you pick high-quality SEO topics and headings and ensure your articles are easily readable by your target audience. The HOTH offers various tools to aid in content creation. Let us take a brief look at some of these tools below.

  1. Headline Generator

This tool gives you several pliable high-quality headlines from your chosen keyword to help you write a killer article to meet your SEO ambitions.

  1. Content simplicity

Your content must be easily readable on an inclusive level. This means readers should not have any difficulty comprehending your articles. Most people have average reading skills, so this tool helps you ensure your content is easily readable and easy to comprehend. This will make your content appropriate for a wider audience.

  1. Topic generator

The HOTH aids your creativity using this tool. It ensures you don’t run out of creative content or blogging topics by giving you several captivating topics you can write about.

  1. Word Count tool

The word count tool helps you ensure you deliver within the required number of words without exceeding or under-delivering. This helps you maintain proper content length following your SEO ambitions.

  1. Keyword Density Checker

Keywords are some of the important SEO metrics, and balancing them appropriately with the content is essential to your SEO goals. Therefore, the HOTH provides this tool to help you achieve a proper keyword to content ratio.

Website performance Tools

Website performance tools are provided to track the overall performance of your website, page loading, and conversion. Some of the Website tracking tools offered by The HOTH includes

  1. Free Online Logo Maker

This is a free tool provided by HOTH to allow you to design a custom logo for your page or site for free. A catchy logo is instrumental in attracting traffic flow to your website or page, boosting SEO.

  1. Page Speed tracker

The speed with which your page or site loads is essential for SEO, most people are naturally impatient, so if your page takes ages to load, people will automatically lose interest and go elsewhere, and you will lose traffic. Also, a faster loading speed increases the chances of ranking highly on the first page of Google. Therefore, this tool enables you to monitor your page loading speed and ensure it’s at its best.

  1. HOTH SSL Certificate checker

Outdated Secure Sockets Layer Certificates are set to be revoked by Google. It would be quite a setback to have your well-ranking domain shut down due to an expired SSL certificate, won't it? You can avoid this inconvenience by using this HOTH tool to ensure your SSL certificate is up to date.

  1. Domain Age Checker

This helps you check how old a domain is. This would be useful, especially if you are buying an expired domain for affiliate marketing, website building, or flipping. It can help you avoid buying low-quality or banned domains.

  1. Conversion Rate Calculator

This tool allows you to figure out the percentage of website traffic that accomplishes the desired website activity you need them to complete.

PPC projection tools

These tools help you save on fruitless Pay Per Click investments by accurately analyzing and predicting outcomes before launching your PPC campaigns. They include

  1. ROI calculator

Use this tool to analyze and calculate the Return On Investment for every PPC campaign. This way, you will know how profitable your PPC campaign is.

  1. Competitor Research Tool

This tool is designed to help you discover quality keywords used by other competitors in their PPC campaigns. You can look up these keywords, their value per click, and how much traffic authority they attract on the search engine. This can help you make your own PPC campaign projection.

  1. Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) calculator

This calculator is a HOTH tool that helps you make correct projections and plan on your personal or client-based PPC campaign by calculating your expected ROAS for each paid advertising activity to ensure an impressive earning rate.

  1. Business Value Evaluation Tool

Our Business Value Evaluation Tool uses updated industry data to help you determine the current, correct value for your business if you intend on selling out. This way, we at the HOTH help you get value for your business.

Why consider working for us?

Are you an elite or upcoming SEO blogger or freelance content writer? If so, you may consider working for us. Our dedication to quality ensures we produce high-standard content that will ensure we stay at the top of our game. 

We ensure to train all our upcoming writers to be prolific content creators who can uphold our brand's impeccable reputation. Therefore, working with us is your ticket to high-quality experience and professional skills that can sell anywhere in the industry.

Furthermore, here at HOTH, we aim to create an outstanding working experience for our employees that set us apart from the rest. Below are some of the benefits you stand to gain from working for the HOTH.

  1. You can work from anywhere, anytime.

We can all agree that being confined to one place by work sucks, right? The good news is that you don't have to endure the struggle of getting up every morning and reporting to the same monotonous address for work with the HOTH. 

You can work from pretty much anywhere. You are good to go if you have a peaceful environment, the necessary equipment, and reliable internet connectivity for research. You can work from home, from school, even from the beach!

What's more, you get to pick jobs according to how well they suit your schedule. We have no strict working hours, as you can work during the day or overnight, depending on your schedule. Entirely stress-free.

  1. Plenty of flexible jobs

With The HOTH, there will always be a job at the ready for you, as we have a vast source of target audiences for a broad scope of the content. So depending on the type of articles you are specialized in, you can always count on us to have a job at hand for you, with no boring off-season breaks. 

We also have all kinds of jobs, ranging from as light as 200-word articles to as demanding as 2000-word articles, with appropriately proportional pay.

  1. Assured, fair, and regular payment

Working with us guarantees you a reliable source of income. We handle payments directly to our writers every once a week through pay pal so that you can rest assured at the end of the week; you reap what you sow. Depending on the number and length of articles tackled. 

Depending on the word count, payment ranges anywhere between 7 to 90 dollars per article. Therefore with The HOTH, you are assured of fair and consistent income.

  1. High-quality training and impressive portfolio

Our quality standards ensure we train budding writers joining us to their full potential. This means you go from rookie to real elite quick. The HOTH insists on consistently delivering quality content. Each successful article you write with us will build part of an impressive portfolio that will open more fantastic doors later in your career.

What Skills Do You Need To Work For The HOTH?

We pay great attention to quality service, so to work with us professionally, certain qualities count as a bonus in your favor. These include

  1. Excellent grammar and writing skills are necessary for quality content writing.
  2. Ability to build perfection based on the previous work’s feedback
  3. Impressive social skills, sense of humor, and teamwork skills.
  4. The ability to effectively meet pressuring deadlines.
  5. The ability to fully comprehend and address a client’s needs.
  6. Enough creativity to deliver consistently outstanding, captivating, and unique articles.


The HOTH is a reputable SEO and PPC agency committed to helping you achieve your online marketing goals. We are also dedicated to simplifying SEO for our clients. We help you grow your business by offering indispensable marketing solutions for bloggers, publishers, and online product marketers. 

Creating a HOTH account is free, and it comes with plenty of helpful SEO and PPC tools that help you stay ahead of the competition. The HOTH is also a reputable content creation company with impeccable company culture. 

We are open to hiring elite freelance article writers and bloggers to work flexibly with us. Budding writers are also welcome to nurture their writing careers with us in a dynamic and friendly environment. Reach out to us today for quality SEO assistance or a chance to work with us.

May 20, 2022


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