Authority Hacker SEO Review

Jun 11, 2022

Because of the quantity of publicly available knowledge, making money online with digital marketing is now simpler than it has ever been before. According to our most recent research, global eCommerce is predicted to generate $4 trillion by 2021. When we were just getting started with Kindle Publishing, we decided to try building a specialized website.

We had to deal with a lousy online course we did to get us started. It didn't teach how to construct things correctly but rather how to spam people. As far as we can tell, that's what sparked our interest in gray-hat branding. If we're being sincere, before Authority Hacker (AH). It seemed to us that behind every positive story, there were some unethical SEO practices hiding in the shadows. We didn't become aware there was a method to design a completely white hat application.

The Authority Site System course from Authority Hacker would have helped us a lot when we initially began out. Authority Hacker's tactics are white hat methods that can be put into practice. It's a technique used by legitimate websites to build backlinks and expand their reach.

Gray-hat SEO is famous since the strategies are practical and can be easily replicated for other individuals to implement. When it comes to white-hat SEO, the methods are usually fairly specific. There is also a restriction on the beneficial type of advice, such as "create the best article, and Google will honor you." It's a common misconception that building a website is a one-time event.

As an alternative to this, AH provides you with real-world examples of creating content that other users will be happy to share. White-hat link building is proven using a real-world example of outreach strategies and follow-ups. Authority Hacker SEO uses a white-hat SEO strategy to automate link building in a method that everyone can easily replicate.

What is the Authority Hacker?

If you're starting to read this, we're assuming you know a little bit about Authority Hacker. Both their website and podcast are fantastic sources of information. Authority Hacker was formed in 2013 by Mark Webster and Gael Breton with the aim of serving people in developing legal white-hat online enterprises.

Google's Penguin update penalized both Mark and Gael for using gray-hat SEO techniques as we did. To avoid taking any unnecessary risks, they chose to operate under the strict guidelines of the white hat method instead. As a result, they've gained a strong reputation in the sector. Also, some well-known people have praised them:

Gael and Mark were successful in part because they built websites that people trusted. As a result of their popularity, Google adores these well-known sites. Making use of their prior knowledge in developing gray-hat affiliate websites. Aside from that, they run a successful online marketing firm called Health Ambition, which they built from the ground up.

It was estimated that Health Ambition received over 500,000 monthly visitors. It wasn't a matter of chance that they did well. SOPs helped this site's growth in a highly competitive area. For this reason, they chose to create a new facility in a highly competitive market (online business marketing). In order to share their knowledge on building relevant websites, the Authority Hacker website was launched by them. What a great win.

What's different about Authority Hacker?

What makes Authority Hacker different from other course-makers? That they are constantly working to improve the rankings of their own websites. They don't conduct Adsense ads or Youtube advertisements in Lambos or Boats. Gael and Mark are just two nerdy guys who live in the real world. It's a hobby that they enjoy participating in and chatting about.

If you listened to their podcast. You understand that they really like to keep track of things and try them out. This makes them stand out from other affiliates. Also, they share step-by-step techniques and incrementally make changes. As a bonus, they don't have any shady backlinks to establish. Gael and Mark do not cut shortcuts when it comes to establishing their web brand for the long run.

How do you use Authority Hacker?

The Authority Site Network is at this point in its growth. It's possible you're questioning how it all works? You can utilize the Authority Site System to build a "phase one" authority site. Which you may expand into a "phase 3" website, as outlined in AH's blog article.

The primary goal of a phase 1 website is to increase the number of visitors to the site to generate revenue through advertising or page views. Developing a phase 1 website is all about keeping things simple and building the site's foundation. As a result, it's possible to turn that into a full-time job.

What are the Authority Hacker System's features?

  • There are more than 80 video lessons.
  • Good-quality content templates.
  • White-hat link building strategies

Affiliate marketing courses like Wealthy Affiliate, Revenue School, and Affiliate Research facility are some other good ones. There are, however, a variety of approaches to building websites that they teach.

Made to last for a long time

You can use the Authority Hacker approach to develop authority websites in the correct manner. Evergreen tactics mean you won't lose everything if Google penalizes your site in a year or two.

Also, if you make an "authority site," you'll set up a way to make money without doing anything. In order to afford the lifestyle that you desire. It's also possible to sell the site in the future for a 30x-40x multiple of its current value.

Regular Updates

This is our third year in the authority hacker's communities. The Authority Site System is one of our best investments. It's clear that Gael and Mark care deeply about their clients. Also, they introduced one major improvement to the program in 2022, and more are planned. As of 2021, Gael and Mark have significantly enhanced TASS. HARO and Sniper Guest Posts are two innovative new methods for gaining backlinks to your website. We've tried HARO and seen some very good results.

80+ Video Lectures

Most of Authority Hacker's lessons are in the form of videos. The content is interesting and brutally honest. There are no videos of sixty minutes' length that go on and on for no apparent reason.

Packages for both novices and experts

If you want to learn how to develop a "phase 1" affiliate site, this program will prepare you for how to do it. For the most part, Affiliate Hacker's free version is designed to help you build a phase 1 niche site. It's a website that generates $1k to $5k a month in affiliate commissions.

The Authority Hacker Pro upgrade is the next step up. When students upgrade, they have access to an additional 18 blueprints. That can make your website a phase 2 or 3 affiliate site, earning $5k+ every month. Finally, there comes the Platinum version of Authority Hacker Pro. Your specialty site will be taken to the next level, and you could earn $10k a month or more.

Real-life research papers

One great thing about Authority Hacker is that you can look at real-life research papers. These are significant since they show that this system works, as well as demonstrate that it does. It's not only that they provide you a glimpse into how others have done it.

Whether it's to get ideas or learn more about how the system works. These real-world examples may provide you with the push you require to achieve your goals. In addition to the case studies that other students have submitted. The course's founders show behind-the-scenes work on their own authoritative site.

The instructors commonly quote this particular case. It's also possible to watch how an authority site is produced and monetized from beginning to end. This is a precious asset because it explains the steps in detail and highlights potential major obstacles.

Copy-and-paste models

You don't have to know how to design or code in order to build a website that people trust. There are currently 18 unique blueprints available for putting your site up and running with Authority Hacker. These templates have the ability to modify the course of the game entirely. You can observe and create high-quality content that authority websites employ thanks to these tools.

Your website's worth can be increased if it has interesting content. That performs better than cheap content in terms of sales. Templates for everything from content production to guest posting to social media promotion are included.

An Active Community

When you're taking classes, it can be frustrating to feel alone. The video tutorials and plans may not address all of your concerns or queries. Authority Hacker offers its 6000+ students a private Facebook group. There are both newcomers and skilled players in the community. Authority Hacker's founders engage in this Facebook group and answer questions from students on a regular basis. Which is very cool.

Systematized Training

Gael and Mark aim to make the affiliate program straightforward and valuable. On top of that, they have a Trello board that walks you through the process of setting up a specialty affiliate website step-by-step.

Q&A Webinars  

When students upgrade to a Pro course membership, they can use one of AH's most valuable features. There have been 50 Q&A webinars as of the time of this writing, all of which were conducted live. At this level, students are able to chat and have them addressed by the AH professionals themselves.

In this way, you can ask questions on topics the course doesn't always touch on and receive answers targeted to your situation. Also, those who sign up for the AH Pro program have accessibility to all pre-recorded webinars.

How is Authority Site System different from Authority Hacker Pro?

So let's try to clarify the course names a bit, shall we? Because it is the foundation, we will spend most of our time studying the Authority Hacker Site System today. Gael and Mark divide authority websites into three stages.

Generally speaking, a Stage 1 authority website generates revenue between $1k and $5k per month. What you learn at the beginning of the Authority Hacker course is this: It's referred to as the "Authority hacker SEO Site System."

The next part of Authority Hacker Pro is about building sites for stages 2 and 3. These are sites that generate anywhere from $5k to $100k in monthly revenue. During this Authority Hacker review, we'll be focusing on their foundational course, The Authority Site Platform.

Those who've never developed an authority website previously should take the Authority hacker SEO course. As a guide, it explains how you can establish a website. That helps give you "earnings if you didn't have a job." In contrast, Authority Hacker Pro is designed for individuals. Who already have a successful marketing business and are searching for a six-figure payout.

How much does it cost to buy Authority Hacker?

The most basic variant of Authority Hacker, or TASS, costs $997. Authority Hacker can be upgraded, although these changes aren't immediately away. So that you can be generating $1k+ each month on a site where you learn everything, there is to know.

You can pay $2497 or 12 monthly payments of $249 for Authority Hacker Pro. Authority Hacker Pro Platinum, the next level of service, costs $1797 or $179 per month.

Is there a coupon or deal for the Authority Site System?

You can receive 30% off The Authority Site Platform for $599 by attending their webinar. Don't worry, and you won't be duped into buying more than you need. It's an excellent video, and it's definitely worth your time to watch it.

Why it's hard to become an authority online?

Online businesses have a lot of competition nowadays. Even a year ago, it was much easier to get noticed. Now, it's much harder. If you might not have the necessary training and expertise. You won't have much success in getting anyone to read what you've published.

As an SEO and affiliate marketer, we learned a lot about this. We had to work hard for months before we made any growth at all in our research. However, despite our first failures, we eventually found success. As far as creating an authority site goes, it covered it all. It's even better if it's a white-hat authority hacker site.

The realm of black hat SEO and affiliate marketing was attractive to us when we first began out. This lets us avoid making good content. That's because we could put up sleazy content and yet receive links. We learned a lot from the Authority Hacker SEO course about how to take alternatives. This forced us to put the quality of our work first and then everything else.

Things to consider before buying an affiliate marketing course

Becoming an affiliate marketer who achieves success requires a lot of hard work and dedication. You need a program that gives you enough expertise to make your investment refunded. We're not here to go to school; instead, we're here to study something that will assist us in making a profit!

The following considerations should be made before enrolling in affiliate digital marketing training. We've bought numerous, and most simply repeat other courses or lack concrete advice. So, you can actually get results.

The first thing to consider is who affiliate marketing IS NOT for:

  • You lose hope easily.
  • You dislike dealing with issues.
  • You want to get money quickly.
  • You don't have any extra money to invest in anything.
  • It's impossible for you to put in at least 10 hours a week.

As a result, the incorrect people are attracted to affiliate marketing because it appears to be so simple.

But if you're serious about making money with affiliate marketing and don't mind putting in the effort and time, read on. Here are some warning signs to keep an eye on:

1. SEO basics

If you want to build an authority website in a specific niche. You should have a basic knowledge of SEO. On-page SEO is also part of the process of building a website. Also, do research on keywords with a tool like Ahrefs or SEMRush.

2. Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is the most important part of a link-building strategy. The importance of getting backlinks from other websites is still a major factor in Google's algorithm. As a result, you can expect to learn various strategies for attracting connections to your website from a practical affiliate marketing course. The important thing to remember is what kind of link building they recommend. Alternatively, is it a grey hat, which is riskier but more rewarding? In the long run, is it better to wear a white hat, which is more effective but takes longer.

3. Creating content

Google detects grey hat link building easily. So it's getting more and more important to focus on making good marketing content. The vast majority of affiliate marketing courses completely skip this section and instead focus on link building. Which can come back to hurt you.

4. Which tools are included/needed?

Before you shell out a lot of money on a course, do some research. Having an idea of how much you'll have to spend is essential. Whether or not the course includes all of the necessary tools is a question you should ask yourself before signing up.

Social media authority hacking

5. Marketing with social media

The days of just ranking a website and watching the money come in are nearing an end. If you don't have an email list or a Facebook group, you could be missing out on a lot of potential revenue. Social media is a way to keep users engaged even when they aren't on your site.

6. Community

You may get a lot of value out of the community alone. There will be a continuing effort on the part of course creators to keep their communities engaged. There are a few things to think about when picking an affiliate marketing course. Is there any activity going on? Is this a group of beginners or experts? That act like they know everything? Is there any communication between the course's author(s) and students? Lack of community involvement is a sure symptom of poor course.

Review of the Authority Site System 3.0 for 2022

You'll learn how to become a powerful internet marketer with the help of the Authority Hacker team. An authority site can be built with the Authority Site System 3.0, which includes all the information you need to get started. That helps bring in between $1,000 and $5,000 each month profit site. You will learn how to create a long-term, successful specialty website that you can be pleased with. You don't want your website to be a dull, boring place where no one wants to spend their time. It's a high ranking for many terms, though. You can get a decent sense of what Authority Hacker is all about by signing up for their free webinar. You'll also be able to take advantage of a 40% off deal.

The pros and cons


  • A long-term strategy for creating a site
  • Videos are simple to watch.
  • How to build links using white hat techniques
  • Pay attention to good content and user experience
  • Excellent content templates
  • Strategies for social media that work
  • Facebook group with a lot of activity


  • It may take some time to see results from white-hat link building.


There are many great products on the market for affiliate marketing courses. The Authority Hacker SEO course is not one of the best. It fills in the holes created by other essential courses in many ways. If you want to construct an authority site, you'll find a wide range of information here. No matter how much experience you have with affiliate marketing. There's a good chance you'll pick up new skills. This will be beneficial to your affiliate marketing efforts if you're willing to put in the time and effort to make it happen.

We can't say enough good things about this course, and if you're thinking about buying. We suggest you start by watching the webinar. There are a lot of valuable ideas that most premium courses don't even cover in this course. As a result of this training, we've had to review our approach to building affiliate sites and change our focus to quality than quantity. We hope you liked this review of Authority Hacker SEO. If it was helpful to you, please share.  

Jun 11, 2022


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