About us

ScoreDomain is a marketplace where you can buy and sell expired domain names with high-quality & verified backlink profiles for SEO, 301 & PBN sites.

Our story

ScoreDomain is a reliable platform for buying and selling high-quality expired domain names.

ScoreDomain is powered by a small team that operates out of Belgium. We collect expired or dropped domain names 24/7.

These domain names can be salvaged and repurposed to help build authority sites. They can be used as a private blog network where a few expired domain names form a network that contributes their authority to a single website.

An expired domain name can be revived and redirected to another domain name where it not only boosts domain authority and search engine ranking but also funnels its existing traffic. This is done using 301 redirects.

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Who are we?

We understand how important domains are for any business in the 21st century. Our team brings 10 years of technical and marketing experience to the table.

Our insight sharpened by experience guides us in choosing domain names with top-notch quality.

We understand the common pitfalls and risks that come with the transfer of domain names and are equipped with the technical skills to navigate the sensitive nature of the industry.

We actively vet each domain listed on our platform to guarantee their worthiness. Due diligence includes checking for its reputation on archive.org, ensuring it hasn't been blacklisted by email ISPs or been used for other PBN networks.

Buyers get instant access to hundreds of domain names with reputable backlink profiles with a simple search. You can further sort out the type of domain name you want using our advanced filter algorithm.

We take on all the hard and guesswork out of your PBN or 301 redirect pursuits.

We deliver useful and relevant domain names to help you bypass the authority-building hurdle. You can then focus on beating the competition by ranking higher and faster on search engine result pages.

We are always open to buying expired domain names and compensating sellers abundantly. We take care of the marketing and transfer of expired domain names. ScoreDomain also interacts with expired domain name sellers based on commissions.

Our process

ScoreDomain is constantly on the lookout for quality domain names that have expired. We constantly rummage through the internet to fish out domain names that have been abandoned for one reason or the other.

Specifically domain names with established backlink profiles, faultless index history on google, and without being previously used in a PBN. When a dropped domain name is found to check all boxes, we list it on our platform and find a new owner for it.

Buyers get quality domain names and fast-track their digital presence and authority. While sellers get well compensated for a domain they no longer have use for.


ScoreDomain is a reliable platform for buying and selling high-quality expired domain names.

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